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Eddie's career and love for dog racing began in 2021. He has built an impressive resume, with his most recent accomplishment of the 2023 Iditarod "Rookie of the Year". He is a 2x mid-distance champion, and has had many competitive finishes. Eddie is now operating his own kennel in Willow, AK. Whether blazing through snow covered trails, nurturing the bond with his dogs, or embracing the Alaskan wilderness, Eddie continues to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be a musher.

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Carlene & Zach

Everyone knows him, and everyone loves this handsome boy. This is his second season with Eddie, after leading him to the finish in Nome in 2023! He is strong, reliable and amazing to watch in action.


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Tensing is one half of the gentle giant brothers. Him and his brother definitely need to shop in the big and tall section! He is strong wherever and whenever you need him, as long as he can snuggle after!


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Noah and Linda


Loki’s name suits him well. He’s nothing short of craze and chaos, but we love him for it! One of the main men around the kennel, he is all muscle and power!


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Reinhold is another star dog to keep your eyes peeled for! One of the hardest working dogs we’ve ever seen, with so much grit and determination! Going into his first race season this year, he sets the bar high for a first timer. Wonder where he got his rookie mentality from?


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Nikko is a seasoned vet and continues to set the bar high when it comes to being a lead dog. She is the queen bee around the kennel, and everyone knows it


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Ragnar is just the sweetest boy, with the smoothest stride. He thrives as a team dog, but will lead anytime, and make it look easy!


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Claudia berges

Tika is an energetic strong girl who is ready to run (or snack) at any time of the day! She is the sister to ventana.


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Lvsh Studio

Winter is our white socked girl. She is all business on the trail, all party back at the kennel!

A fun loving sweetheart who’s too smart for her own good!


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Gerry is a goofy boy with the funniest happy dance when he’s excited. Catch him in lead or swing!


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Michigan Family

Lapka is our level headed girl! She is incredibly sweet, but don’t let her demeanor fool you, she’s a rocket in a harness!


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Bowie is Mr. cool, calm, collected , and handsome! He is a versatile team player, and our main man up front in lead!


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Wrangle is Mr. High Energy! Powerful, commanding, loud and boisterous! Yet he is sweet nd will give you kisses as long as you let him!


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Willow is a cute girl who has the cutest bunny hop when she gets excited. She is all energy and spunk!


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Pioneer Bar

Junko is a powerhouse and the definition of a strong woman. She is the dog to watch this year, she will be up with the veterans soon!


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Ventana will steal your heart immediately! Only after you give her belly rubs, that is. She has a strong beautiful stride! (Sister to Tika)


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Pioneer Bar

Mesner is the second half of our gentle giant brothers! Only an ounce calmer, he is just as driven as his brother. Tall and Tenacious!


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Cole and his bowl! Spot him most times carrying his bowl around and tossing it in the air. He is a playful boy who always offers a good laugh. Although a character, he isn’t new to this game! He will be right there again setting the bar and speed for the team!


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Ne Missouri FaN

Julius is a sneaky one! He is a small calm dude, but when it comes time to put that harness on he is all power!


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Kavik is a seasoned vet with a voice that leads the team on the trail! Don’t worry he’s a complete ladies man and gets all the snuggles in, when he’s not (impatiently) waiting to get back out and lead the team.


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Pita is the master of the training kennel! Three Time Iditarod Finisher, she is a key component in educating the A Team! Though she doesnt race any longer, she is always ready to harness up and show iff her beautiful stride, sheer grit, and determination.


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Odin is the voice of the kennel, and will always let you know when he has something to say! Good thing he is handsome, and an amazing team player. He is making a name for himself in lead this year too!


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Be apart of the team by being a major sponsor! Your company logo will be displayed on all team equipment, gear and marketing materials. Your company will have advertising rights and we will be available for promotional appearances.

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Each race comes at a high cost of entry fees, travel expenses and gear. With your support we are able to compete throughout the State of Alaska. We will display your logo on all team equipment, gear and marketing materials. Our team will be available for promotional appearances.

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Join our team!

Company logo on the sled bag used in the Iditarod and all races we participate in during the season. Company logo will be listed on the official Iditarod website, the Iditarod magazine, team website, and social media platforms

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Reaching the each checkpoint is an accomplishment!

Help support our team with getting us there and supplying gear,

food and supplies.

Dog Sponsor $500

Do you have a favorite dog? Be their sponsor for the season to help cover costs of food, travel, and gear. Help them cross the finish line!

Dog Booties Donation $100

It takes a lot of gear to get the dogs through training

and into race season. We use approximately 5,000 booties each

season at the cost of $1.20 per bootie.

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